• Food for Life chosen as "Top Pick" by Charity Intelligence

    This article was published on December 09, 2012

    Food for Life was recently named as a “Top Pick” in Charity Intelligence's (Ci) 2012 report, identifying Food for Life as one of the top-performing charities in Canada. Food for Life is very proud and honoured to be chosen as one of the 45 Top Pick Charities by Ci; one of only 7 food banks chosen from across Canada.

    Charity Intelligence Canada (www.charityintelligence.ca) analyzes hundreds of charities across Canada every year to create a list of their “top picks”. These charities must go through a rigorous evaluation and a very few are recognized as a Top Pick Charity. Ci conducted a quantitative analysis of many aspects of Food for Life including: the contribution of volunteers; fundraising; food waste measurement; as well as interviews with Food for Life staff and board members.

    One highlight of the Ci report was the fact that Food for Life has the highest “leverage” ratio of any food bank they surveyed: Food for Life turns every dollar donated into $10.77 worth of food.

    Blair Richardson, Food for Life Board Chair says “Food for Life is delighted to be recognized as one of Charity Intelligence’s Top Picks. We are especially proud that they identified the effectiveness of our fundraising, as we spend only 1.1% of our budget in this area.”

    The 2012 Ci Report will support Food for Life as the report itself states: “If you are looking for impact from your giving, or perhaps simply wanting to know that your donation goes to a really good charity, try donating to Charity Intelligence’s Top Pick Charities.”