• Food for Life; Top 10 Charity for impact

    This article was published on November 23, 2016

    Food for Life; top 10 charity for impact

    Charity Intelligence ranks Food for Life as one of the top 10 charities in the country based on their community impact

    Burlington, November 17, 2016. Food for Life has been named one of the top 10 charities in Canada by Charity Intelligence (Ci) based on community impact and social return on investment (SROI). A national body, Ci conducts research to provide Canadian donors with information that helps them make informed and intelligent giving decisions.  The Ci work provides donors with confidence that their generosity will help Canadians improve their lives. It does this by creating a portfolio of 10 proven, high-impact, social service charities, which Food for Life is a part of.

    Evidence shows the top 10 Ci ranked charities all make a significant difference in the lives of Canadians and are likely to be the most effective at changing lives. This SROI shows donors how they can deliver the most good for the same level of giving estimating, that a $100 gift produces $1,100 in value for those in need.

    “There are many remarkable charities in our community which are working diligently to serve those in need,” says Eleanor McMahon, MPP for Burlington. “The invaluable work of these charities is not only making an impact in the local communities, but in the lives the individuals they help. I am so proud of the contributions Food for Life makes to our community of Burlington, and congratulate them on this significant accomplishment.”

    In the past 18 months, the number of people served by Food for Life has increased form 27,000 client visits per month to 38,000. “We are humbled and honoured to be receiving such an accolade,” says Brenda Hajdu, executive director. “We were surprised with the announcement. It reinforces the commitment and dedication of this region. As the community knows, every day we strive for excellence, not for awards but to serve our fellow neighbours and community partners.”

    Hunger is a complex issue and Food for Life is working in neighbourhoods across Halton Region to ensure that healthy food is accessible to those in need. Food for Life attributes its success to a dedicated team and committed community partners, such as Food 4 Kids, Halton Food for Thought, Our Kids Network, Our Community Cares (Burloak and Surrey Lane) St. Christopher’s Anglican Church/Open Doors and many more.   The commitment and dedication within the Region is especially noteworthy.

    These organizations and the Food for Life programs are a significant part of the distribution of food to neighbours in need and are primarily volunteer based. With over 800 volunteers investing more than 27,000 hours annually demonstrates the community’s relentless dedication to battling hunger.

     “The Board is thrilled that Food for Life has received such an honour,” says Catherine Potechin, Board Chair of Food for Life. “Transparency and community impact are at the forefront of what we do. Our steadfast approach to governance and to building an incredible team are critical success factors.”

    Cultivating strong relationships with our financial and food donors, is important when it comes to food security and being able to provide programs and agencies with fresh nutritious food.

    With one in 10 people battling hunger this holiday season, the community is asked to consider a gift to support Food for Life. Funds are required to address the significant increase in client demand to ensure enough healthy food is available for those in need.

    Every $25 donated provides food for 75 meals. Every $120 provides a family of four with food for one month. $1,000 donation provides food for a meal for 3,000 people accessing food bank programs.

    Serving our community partners is the first step in ensuring all our neighbours have a holiday meal. If you wish to help battle hunger, you can donate time or money through foodforlife.ca or at stophungerpains.ca.

    About Food for Life

    Food for Life is a local food based charity that sources and distributes fresh and nutritious food to those in need and is the largest food redistribution network in Halton. Food for Life provides food for more than 200,000 meals per month – the equivalent to 2.5 million meals annually. As a charity that serves other charities it supports more than 80 food banks and community food programs, thus providing service to more than 38,000 client visits per month.

    About Charity Intelligence:

    Charity Intelligence researches Canadian charities for donors. Charity Intelligence’s website (www.charityintelligence.ca) rates over 650 Canadian charities and posts reports on over 700 charities as well as in-depth reviews of philanthropic sectors like Canada’s environment, cancer and homelessness. Today over 260,000 Canadians use Charity Intelligence’s website as a go-to source for information on Canadian charities and have downloaded over 3.6 million charity reports. Through rigorous and independent research, Charity Intelligence helps donors be informed and give intelligently. Charity Intelligence aims to assist Canada’s dynamic sector to be more transparent, accountable and focused on results.

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