• Food for Life inducted into National organization working towards a healthy equitable food system

    This article was published on March 16, 2017

    Burlington, Ontario, March 15,2017 – It’s a good food (and news) story. Food for life is pleased to announce that we have joined Community Food Centres Canada’s Good Food Organizations program to showcase our commitment to offering impactful community food programs based on principles of health, empowerment, and respect. With over 100 other Good Food Organizations and eight Community Food Centres Canada (“CFCC”) across the country, we are working towards a healthy and fair food system for those living with food insecurity.

    Launched in 2014 The Good Food Organizations program offers access to tools and resources, customized training, and chances to network and promote shared priorities. By working together through a set of shared principles, this important group connects Food for Life to like minded and progressive organizations across the country that are using food to tackle problems of poor health, inequality, hunger and poverty.

    “Food for Life’s commitment to serving fresh nutritious food to those in need, is what aligns us with the objectives of the Good Food Organizations, “ says Brenda Hajdu Executive Director for Food for Life. “Hunger is a complex issue and requires the engagement of multiple leaders and stakeholders to develop meaningful and impactful solutions. This certification positions Food for Life to further deliver upon its mission to reduce food insecurity.”

    “The Good Food Organizations program provides support and inspiration to organizations across the country – Community health centres, food banks, community markets, and many others – that are doing grassroots food work,” Said Kathryn Scharf COO for Community Food Centres Canada. “We have seen how when the community food programs foreground healthy food in a dignified setting that offers meaningful opportunities for engagement, there can be a profoundly positive impact on people’s health and overall well-being. We want to amplify these outcomes to build a national case for an investment in healthy food for all.”

    More than 80 food banks and food programs rely on Food for Life to deliver fresh, nutritious food each and ever week. “This recognition is an important step to ensuring that Food for Life remains on the leading edge of initiatives that can help enhance and support the dignified distribution of food to our neighbours, which includes ensuring food safety and quality as well as culturally and nutritionally appropriate foods” Notes Meaghan Richardson, Food Procurement Manager for Food for Life.