As a registered Canadian charity, Food for Life Canada Corporation (Food for Life) connects with Canadians and reflects the diversity of neighbours in the communities in which we serve. Serving neighbours in need is at the heart of what we do. In digital terms, this relationship translates to an exchange of data between you (our neighbour) and us (Food for Life). We take great care in our management of data to ensure you have secure, engaging experiences when sharing or searching for information with us.

To maintain your trust in us, Food for Life promises to:

  • Be transparent with you about data collected and how it is used;
  • Protect your information;
  • And, enable you to browse and interact with our digital products safely.

We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislation concerning protection of privacy. We do not sell, rent or share your contact information and Food for Life does not utilize telemarketers or any third party fundraising groups, such as canvassers.

The information you provide to us is used to:

  • Process Payments and Tax-Receipts
  • Plan for services and supports
  • Share our accountability back to you
  • Communicate opportunities and news to you
  • Perform legal functions such as our annual financial audit
  • Enhance the ability for you to find information on our digital platforms

At anytime you may request to be removed from our contact list or modify how you would like to be connected with.

Of course remaining connected via our social media channels is also a great way to control the amount of content you are seeing and receive information in the quickest way.

To be removed from our mailing list, or have any concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact

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